The True IP Bank - a capital firm to activate under-utilized IP assets.

Taiwan Intellectual Capital (TIC) aims to reshape Taiwan’s manufacturing-oriented industry landscape and to revert the tangible-centric capital mindset counting on programs which aggregate under-utilized intellectual properties invested by local industries throughout the past decade, release the under-estimated value and then provide stages for brainworkers.

The key team including Founder Joseph Chang were from Asia-Pacific’s earliest IP monetization firm. Adding outstanding professionals from market intelligence, digital payment & finance and capital operation, now TIC is eager to utilize the collected IP assets and capital to establish a real IP Bank in Taiwan which is not only capable of realizing value of intangible assets but able to fuel real talents and smart innovations.


The team is assembled by many cross-professionals. They are Taiwanese bankers (personal), Taiwan/US patent attorneys, IT senior consultants, senior business periodical editor and ICT supply chain intelligence consultants.

  • TIC – Innovation Patent Portfolio Monetization Unit

    1. Focus on next unicorn in fintech, IoT, new retail (w/ GIS) and aviation industries.
    2. Acquire existing essential patents to build the fundamental intellectual asset portfolio.
    3. Keep investing new technology and start-up team by patent development or funding.
  • TIC - Global Patent Transaction Unit

    1. Over a decade patent monetization experience.
    2. Handling more than 85000+ patent assets.
    3. 60+ active buyers in place.
    4. Multiple ongoing projects worthy of 8-digit USD.


Ren'ai Conference Room
4F.-1, No. 71, Sec. 2, Ren'ai Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)


We truly believe innovation and business transformation are created by who desperate to change the current situation.

Welcome to join our team.